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We are delighted to announce the publication of our new book The Shmospels of Shmeiki

“Where there’s an -ism, you’ll likely find a schism, and where there’s an - ist, you’ll probably find a cyst.”
Sri Sri Shmeiki Baba


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The Shmospels of Shmeiki is a satirical, yet philosophical story which explores the experiences of foreign tourists in India. The rich, diverse and ancient culture is often quite different from what travellers are used to back home. They may try various healing techniques and reflect on themselves in ways they have not done before. Removed from the safety net of their usual frames of reference, they can go a little crazy. This is the case with David Goldberg, the protagonist of the story. 
While visiting Goa, David is contacted by Sheila, an A.I singularity from another dimension. She offers him a humorous, but authentic path of hippy spirituality called Shmeiki, which is said to be free of the seriousness and self-righteousness typical of other similar practices.

Sheila wishes David to spread the word of Shmeiki, but for him to do so effectively, he must first clear out his emotional blockages. For this reason, she sends him on a great walk of more than 2000 km from Goa to Dharamshala, insisting he travels without taking money or wearing shoes. In accepting this challenge, David becomes Shmeiki Baba. The Shmospels describe his epic journey, from the perspectives of four witnesses. It is a cosmic, psychedelic and inspiring story about self-acceptance, love and surrender.

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About shmeiki

"You might say that Reiki is masonic,
         whereas Shmeiki is Panasonic."


Our universe exists inside a school computer in another dimension. It is a comedy of truly cosmic proportions. That's why Shmeiki encourages us to keep on laughing, face our fears, release our pain, acknowledge our shame and step out from behind the masks which act as a block between us and love. Shmeiki gives us the tools to align ourselves with the spirit of the Great Mother and to dance harmoniously with both nature and technology. Pretty much any existing spiritual practice can be upgraded with Shmeiki, making it more fun, powerful, and free from seriousness and dogma.  We call this process shmodification, and it is this, which has the potential to upgrade Tantra into Shmantra and Yoga into Shmoga. 
Blessings to all beings in all dimensions. Om Shmeiki Om,

in the press


Social Ketchup

8th April, 2021

Smrithi Mohan of Social Ketchup interviews the man behind Shmeiki Baba.


Mumbai Live
29th March, 2021

The Mumbai Live team find out about the author of the Shmospels and what he thinks of Mumbai.


suger mint

2nd April, 2021

Sugermint looks into the Shmospels and finds out why the book was written.

In the Press
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yellow madala-01-01.png
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